Wrapper belt – solid woven belt for wrappers

Wrapper belt – a belt used for coiling flat rolled metal strips.
Wrappers are used in the iron and steel industry to coil flat rolled steel, aluminum, copper, etc. At the initial stage, one or two belts are fitted around the mandrel. A strip is inserted between the belts and the mandrel. The belts cause the strip to coil. After a couple of first wraps there is no need to further guide the strip, thus the belts are removed and the mandrel keeps rotating until the desired coil size is reached. The flat rolled metal strip is then cut off.


This belt with excellent impact and puncture (cut) resistance is designed for heavy-duty applications.

- GK belts have a homogeneous coating, are jointless, solid woven and have extra strong edges which prevent it from wear. Flexibility and long belt life are guaranteed.

- The top cover is made of wear-resistant non-aging polyurethane that is resistant to the emulsion used for rolling; the top cover does not harden and does not crack.

- Excellent resistance to oils, fats, sulfur , ozone and kerosene oil

- Easy to control; steady belt travel even at 400 m/min

- Good adhesion between the belt and the coiled material

- Excellent strength/elongation ratio ensures tight coiling






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