Cleated Conveyor Belts with Corrugated Sidewalls

DEN-WALL belts are designed for horizontal, steep-incline and vertical handling of bulk materials. We offer high quality durable solutions for vertical conveying that deliver increased capacity when carrying any materials to the height of up to 500 meters.

Standard made DEN-WALL conveyor systems are of ordinary quality with a high wear resistance. The system can be made heat-, oil- or fire-resistant to suit customer requirements.

Adhesive bonding is not used in DEN-WALL systems. Corrugated sidewalls and cleats are hot-molded onto the base belt. This ensures unparalleled weather resistance and makes our products flexible and impact and wear resistant throughout the lifecycle.


  • Ship loading/unloading and ship-to-ship transfer
  • Sand treatment
  • Silo feeding
  • Inclined conveying in open-pit mines
  • Waste recycling
  • Power plants
  • Ore and coal mines
  • Construction of tunnels and mines
  • Iron and steel industry

We will help you choose the right solution for the vertical handling of goods

Available Options

Five base belt types with different rubber properties and a variety of sidewall and cleat configurations are offered to handle numerous specialized applications.

конвеерная лента -тип xe Type XE: For light duty applications
конвеерная лента -тип xoe Type XOE: Resistant to lateral deflection
конвеерная лента -тип xde Type XDE: For special applications when steel-cord reinforced rubber belts cannot be used
конвеерная лента -тип xst Type XST: For applications requiring a minimum tensile strength of 1000 N/mm with ES sidewalls and cleats up to 600 mm

Cleated conveyor belts with corrugated sidewalls for vertical handling of bulk materials. DEN-WALL belts are equipped with 40 to 400 mm high corrugated sidewalls. S and ES type sidewalls are additionally textile-reinforced. These belts are used in heavy-duty systems.

Гофроборта конвейерных лент
Гофроборта конвейерных лент

There are four cleat types available:

image.HZ06SX.png image.3PYYSX.png image.DWUUSX.png image.7S1USX.png

To prevent the accumulation of spillage at the bottom of the conveyor, we advise our customers to equip their conveyor systems with special screw reinforcement sets used to screw cleats to sidewalls which makes the system more rigid.

Advantages of DEN-WALL conveyor systems for vertical conveying:

  • quick installation
  • long-term service
  • reduced power consumption
  • low noise
  • easy maintenance
  • environmentally friendly
  • high reliability